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Will I be given a joint or sole tenancy?

Do you rent directly from us or do you live in an LQ Living or housing association property?

Rent Directly

Whether you rent jointly in two names or solely by yourself will depend on income and references.

This will be discussed during the application process.

L&Q Living or Housing Association

This will depend how you've been nominated for this tenancy or the type of tenancy you currently have.

If you've been nominated to us by a local council, they'll advise us if you're a joint or sole tenant.

You cannot have a joint tenancy with anyone that you're not living with as a partner.

If you currently have a tenancy with us, any new tenancy will be the same (joint or sole) as your current tenancy.

If it's currently a joint tenancy and one of the tenants no longer lives at the property, you'll need to advise us of this prior to moving.

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