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Water - useful information

What is a stopcock?
A stopcock is a valve that stops the water supply into your property.

It's important to know where your stopcock is in case you have a leak and need to turn the water supply off.

You should also turn it off and on a few times each year so that it doesn't seize up.

Where is my stopcock located?
The stockcock can usually be found under your kitchen sink.

It can also be found close to where the mains water enters your property, such as:

• under a metal cover on your front garden path
• in an external or internal intake cupboard
• under floorboards close to your front door

What is a gate valve?
A gate valve cuts the water supply off to items such as water tanks, sinks and boilers.

Where is my hot water cylinder located?
Hot water cylinders can usually be found in your airing cupboard.

If you have one, it's good to check your hot water cylinder from time to time to make sure that the lagging (insulation) is in place.

Please note that some cylinders are covered with insulating foam and do not have lagging.

Where is my cold water storage tank located?
The cold water storage tank can usually be found in your loft.

How do I stop frozen pipes from bursting?
Cold weather can cause pipes to freeze. When this happens the pipes can burst and cause a water leak.  

To prevent this from happening, we recommend wrapping your outdoor taps in insulating covers as well as turning on the cold taps for ten seconds every day.

If you are going away, we also recommend:

• turning off the water supply at the stopcock
• turning on the taps to drain the hot and cold water systems
• leaving the heating on very low to maintain a constant balance of warmth

Never thaw pipes with boiling water or a flame, this will cause them to burst.

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