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Am I allowed to own a pet?

Our Pets policy (PDF) states that if you live in a building where we're the freeholder, you are allowed to own up to two dogs and/or cats without asking for our permission, so long as you comply with the expectations set out in our policy of a responsible owner.

This revision of our policy means that we will not be enforcing the clause that you may have in your lease or tenancy agreement that states you have to ask for our permission before getting a pet.

However, we do still expect you to notify us and fill in our pet notification form. Failure to do so may mean we take enforcement action which can include asking you to rehouse your dog.

Assistance dogs are classed as auxiliary aids rather than pets. This means that owners of these dogs are not required to complete the registration form.

If you live in a building where we're not the freeholder, you'll need to contact our Customer Service Centre which will raise the issue with your Property Manager. The Property Manager will then speak to the freeholder to see if there is any room for negotiation on this matter.

To find out more about our Pets Policy or to see whether we're the freeholder of your building or not, please contact us online.

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