I have a problem with my external door. What should I do?

If you're experiencing a problem with an external door, please be aware that we do not carry out all types of repairs. You are responsible for:

• replacing lost keys
• fixing broken letter boxes and door viewers in houses and bungalows
• fixing broken door knockers
• fixing broken fanlight glass if you do not have a crime reference number

We will repair:

• snapped keys in locks
• broken letter boxes and door viewers in flats and maisonettes
• insecure doors
• broken door handles and closers
• rotten or insecure door frames and panels
• broken fire doors, including frames and seals
• broken door closer arms
• individual automatic door closer units (Freedor) – in agency and directly managed sheltered schemes
• individual door retainers (Dorgard) – in agency and directly managed sheltered schemes
• faulty front, rear and patio door locks
• damage when entry has been forced

We'll also cover further repairs to damaged doors, frames and windows caused by an attempted break-in or criminal act.

You will need to tell us the criminal reference number and name of the police station that has the report.

Please report any of these issues online or by calling our customer service centre on 0300 456 9996.

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