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I'd like to update my records with my new name. What should I do?

If you need us to update your name on our records, you will need to send us documentation that confirms your name before and after.

Reason for name change and documentation required:

  • name change by deed poll (deed poll document)
  • marriage (marriage certificate)
  • divorce (divorce certificate and marriage or birth cert to prove maiden/birth name)
  • mistake in name on our system (either birth or marriage certificate confirming name)

These documents do not have to be originals, but it's important that paper and electronic copies are clear and complete.

You will also need to confirm your address and tenancy reference.

You can email scanned copies of these documents at centralsupportservices@lqgroup.org.uk or you can take them to your local L&Q office and we will scan them for you.

You can also post them to:

Central Support Services
Cray House
3 Maidstone Road
DA14 5HU

Please note that you will also need to arrange a name change on your Lease/Deed and land registry.

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