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What happens at the end of the defects liability period?

Before the defect liability period (DLP) expires, you'll receive notification of an end of defects inspection. This will be your final chance to get the builder to rectify any outstanding repairs to your property.

We'll visit your home, along with a representative from the builders and the employers agency to note down any genuine faults that you may have and arrange to get these rectified – subject to confirmation that the fault is covered by the builder under the contract.

You should only sign the inspection sheet if you’re happy that all the agreed items have been noted.

This is important as you'll be responsible for rectifying any faults that occur in your home after the DLP expires or which are not noted during the end of defects inspection (as in effect the guarantee will have expired).

If your property does not have a DLP, you will not have an inspection and as such your property is bought as seen.

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