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I have received a Section 20 Notice that mentions ‘cladding’, does this mean that I will be charged for cladding removal and replacement?

Pending more information from government regarding their recent announcements on funding for cladding remediation work, we do not expect to have to charge residents in buildings taller than 11 metres for the remediation of cladding to ensure it meets new building safety standards.

However, at present it is not clear whether the funding arrangement will also protect leaseholders from the cost of remediating non-cladding issues such as balconies.

We will be able to update our advice to residents once government confirm the details of their funding scheme.

Separately, we have recently issued Section 20 Notices for buildings that are part of our Major Works Investement Programme (MWIP), a programme which is seeing £1.9bn invested into improving our homes.

This programme will see maintenance contracts put in place that will extend for as much as 15 years. It is expected that, during this time, some cladding may require maintenance or repair. It is for this reason that 'Cladding' is included in the Section 20 notice.

Find out more by visiting our MWIP page.

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