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How will you keep me safe if the inspection of my building requires works to be done but they can’t be done straightaway?

The safety of our residents is our top priority. To make sure that any buildings requiring remedial works are as safe as possible before these can be done, we’ll be putting additional safety measures in place where necessary such as a new detection & alarm system or a Waking Watch. We may also change our evacuation policy from ‘stay put’ to ‘evacuate’ where applicable.

For buildings where our prioritisation work has led us to anticipate that the likelihood of works being needed is high, we may install a new fire detection system before, or at the same time as your building is inspected to keep you as safe as possible.

L&Q will inform residents where an evacuation policy changes, as well as where additional safety measures are put in place. Residents will not be charged for the new fire detection systems or Waking Watch.

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