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What happens to my service charges when I sell my home?

You will be liable to pay service charges up to the end of the month when you move out of your existing property.

If you sell your home part way through a month, your solicitor should make arrangements with the buyer’s solicitor so that their share of the month’s service charge is included within the sale monies that you receive.

Depending on when you sell your home, we may not have issued your property’s final service charge statement for the previous financial year.

Your solicitor may make an arrangement with the buyer’s solicitor for any balance that may be due for this period of your ownership.

Similarly, they may make provision for the period you owned the property in the current financial year, as there may be a further balance due when we issue the final service charge statement later on. Please contact your solicitor who will have details of any arrangements that they have made.

We will not transfer any monies from your account into the new owner's account. If there's credit on your account, you'll need to email us your full name and address to get a refund.

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