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Will L&Q consider buying back my home if I cannot sell it because of fire safety issues?

Our current buyback policy states that we’ll only consider buying back your home under these very specific circumstances:

Your home needs major remedial works that makes it non-mortgageable to potential third-party buyers and the works will take more than 12 months to complete and they cannot be completed while you are living there.

We’re sorry, but we will not consider making an offer if:

you need to sell your home for financial reasons alone
• the remedial works required are because of a service failure, a major incident or ‘Act of God’ which is normally covered by insurance, or damage caused by you
• your home is already subject to a Compulsory Purchase Order or Demolition Notice
• you have significant service charge or rent arrears and we’ve already started legal action to recover this debt

If you believe that you meet the criteria set out above, and would like to speak to us about buying back your home, please get in touch by contacting our Customer Service team online.

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