How do I prevent pests?

To prevent pests from entering your property, you should:

• dispose of rubbish properly, placing it in containers with secure lids
• keep any stored food in airtight containers
• keep your kitchen worktops and cupboards clean
• vacuum floors right up to the skirting boards
• treat your pets with a flea prevention product
• keep your garden tidy
• avoid leaving pet food out overnight

If you're experiencing a pest problem, please note that we'll attend for infestations of the following pests only if they affect multiple homes or an L&Q Living property/sheltered accommodation:

• rats
• mice
• Pharaoh ants
• cockroaches
• wasps
• pigeons
• squirrels
• bed bugs
• fleas


We will also attend to fix existing bird netting and spikes as well as damage holes following pest removal treatment.

We will not attend if the pest problem exists within a single house, bungalow, flat or agency managed scheme.

Please report it online or by calling our customer service centre on 0300 456 9996.  

You can also report the problem to your local authority's pest control or Environmental Health team. They can give you help and advice in dealing with problems with pests.

For bee infestations, please contact the British Bee Keepers Association by calling 0871 8711 2282 or by visiting the BBKA website.

For more information about pests, please visit the British Pest Control Association website.

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