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How do I register or search for mutual exchange?

You can search for a property by registering for free on HomeSwapper, the UK's largest mutual exchange service.

You can also access an additional service for free, called House Exchange.

When registering, please make sure that your details match the ones held by us or the application will be rejected.

You are responsible for logging into HomeSwapper and House Exchange on a regular basis to find a suitable exchange.

Almost any resident currently living in an L&Q home and actively searching for a transfer can apply.

Exceptions are residents who hold starter tenancies, are in the probationary period of a fixed-term tenancy or who live in agency managed schemes.

You can also advertise your property for exchange through any of the following:

• local newspapers
• libraries
• newsagents
• word of mouth
• online apps and sites

You will need to pay for any registration or advertising charges yourself.

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