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How do I top-up my in-house display (Secure)?

If you’ve moved into your new home and you have a pre-payment heating and hot water system, there are a couple of ways to top-up your balance.

Please note that both methods will require you to know your heat account payment number. Your account payment number is 19-digits long and can be provided by our team if needed.


1. Go to the L&Q Energy payment portal
2. Select 'Pay by card'
3. Choose 'Secure Units' as the service
4. Add your unique heat account payment number
5. Insert the amount you would like to add
6. Add your bank card and billing address details
7. Select 'make a payment'

PayPoint stores

You can make payments at your local PayPoint store if your payment card includes 0228 or 1982.

To find your nearest store, please visit the PayPoint website.

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