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What can and cannot be poured down the drain?

Only liquids should be poured down your sinks and toilets. Fats, oils and food can cause blockages to your drain, which can lead to other issues, including leaks and damage to your sewage system.

Certain products can also negatively impact the ecology and marine biology.

What can go down the drain:

• liquids such as water, tea, coffee or milk 

What can't go down the drain:

• fats
• oils (even if these are liquids when you’re cooking with them)
• salad dressing
• coconut oil
• peanut butter
• butter
• lard
• mayonnaise
• cosmetic oils
• petroleum jelly
• food
• coffee granules
• egg shells
• hair
• paper towels/wet wipes
• nappies
• cotton buds 

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