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How do I carry out an appliance test?

To carry out an appliance test, you'll need to:

• switch off and unplug all appliances in your property
• open the cover on your fuse box
• reset all fuses to the up position

If the fuses do not reset at this point, please contact a qualified electrician to inspect your property.

If the fuses do reset, plug an appliance into a socket and switch it on.

If the fuse trips when you plug in your appliance then this may determine that the appliance is faulty.

To make sure it's the appliance and not the plug socket, reset the fuses and try the same appliance in another socket.

If the fuse trips again, then the appliance is faulty.

You are responsible for replacing or repairing faulty appliances.

If it does not trip, then try another appliance in the socket that first tripped and if it trips again, then the socket is faulty.

If the socket's faulty, you should contact a qualified electrician to inspect your property.

Do not use faulty appliances or sockets. 

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