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Will I get a dedicated parking bay?

This will depend on the type of parking bay:

Owned parking bay

If you've bought your parking bay, you will have a deed or lease for the designated parking bay.

If the parking bay has been purchased as part of the property you've bought, the details of the bay may be in your property deed or lease.

Renting a parking bay

If you're renting a parking bay, you will have signed a licence with the details of the designated bay.

Designated bay with tenancy

You may be given a designated bay incorporated in your tenancy. You will have been given this information at the time of your sign up.

All other parking bays

If there are parking bays on your estate or road that are allocated from a waiting list, these too may be designated. You will be told which bay is yours.

If the bays are not designated, the use of the bays will be on a first come, first serve basis.

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