How do I treat mould?

Mould can be treated very easily. To kill and remove mould:

• wipe down walls and window frames with a fungicidal wash
• dry-clean mildewed clothes and shampoo carpets
• do not use a vacuum cleaner or brush – this can release spores which make the issue worse and increase the risk of respiratory illness
• use fungicidal resistant paint and wallpaper paste for any redecoration after treatment
• dry windows, windowsills and all surfaces wet by condensation each morning – especially in the kitchen and bathroom
• wring out the cloths used for this – do not dry them on a radiator or heater
• do not block or cover vents, airbricks, chimneys, grills or permanent wall ventilators
• do not draught-proof rooms where condensation or mould is present
• do not draught-proof rooms where there is a cooker or fuel-burning heater  
• do not draught-proof windows in the bathroom or kitchen

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