Do I have the Right to Acquire?

The Right to Acquire (RTA) is attached to the property and not the person.

You can apply to buy your housing association home if:

• you’ve had a public sector landlord for more than three years
• your property was built or bought by a housing association after 31 March 1997
• your property was funded through a social housing grant provided by the Housing Corporation or local council
• your property was transferred from the local council to a housing association after 31 March 1997
• your property is self-contained
• your property is your only or main home

You will not be eligible for RTA if:

• you're under a possession order or in breach of suspended order
• you have an undischarged bankrupt or have a bankruptcy pending
• you're in an arrangement with creditors and the terms remain unfulfilled

To apply or check if you're eligible for RTA, please contact our customer service centre on 0300 456 9996.

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