What repairs will you carry out in my home at the moment?

Now that the government has relaxed some of the restrictions aimed at controlling the spread of coronavirus, we're going to begin the delivery of the non-critical repairs booked in with our team before 23 March.

If you had a repair cancelled because of coronavirus, we'll be in touch with you directly to let you know when this will be carried out. Please note that we have several months’ worth of work to deliver so you may not be contacted to arrange your repair straightaway.

To enable us to deliver these outstanding repairs as quickly as possible, we’re taking critical repairs requests only at present. A critical repair is either an emergency or very urgent works that should be completed ‘in days’ and that cannot be safely left for any longer than that.  

If you have a critical repair, please call our customer service centre on 0300 456 9996.

Here’s what we mean by emergency repairs in your home:

• where there is no heating in your home
• where your home has no hot water or no water at all
• where there is no electricity to your home or kitchen
• where harm to you or damage to your home is likely, such as an uncontainable water leak, serious damage to a roof or a WC that is leaking or can’t be flushed with a bucket or bowl
• where there is a security risk to your home and no other way in or out
• where a lift in your home isn’t working

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