Keeping warm in winter

Heating your home is becoming more and more expensive. So, here’s a few tips to help you stay warm without turning up the heat:

• use thicker curtains to keep out the cold
• use thicker curtains to stop heat escaping through the windows
• do not cover radiators with curtains 
• try closing your curtains earlier in the evening 
• fit draft excluders around your doors, windows and letterboxes
• attach reflector panels to the wall behind your radiator 
• bleed your radiators to make sure they heat up evenly
• regularly check the temperature on room thermostats
• do not remove batteries from room thermostats – the heating will not work without them
• if you have a prepayment meter – make sure it's topped up regularly 

If you are having problems affording your heating bills and would like some help and advice, please contact Pound Advice by calling 0207 475 2221 or by email at

You can also text ‘Pound’ to 60777 for a call back or visit the Pound Advice website for more information.

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