Why is my rent going up at this time?

We’re sorry about the timing of the changes, but 1 April is the date that rents change every year. It’s unfortunate that this happens to fall during this especially difficult period.

We follow rules set by the government to calculate any changes to your rent each year. We’ve cut rents each year for the past four years, so this is the first time we’ve increased your rent in five years.

We first wrote to residents to let you know about these changes in February. The average rise for an L&Q resident is around £4 a week.

This extra payment means we can continue to provide essential services to you right now and deliver important work, such as our fire safety programme. Plus, over the longer term, it means we can invest in our homes, estates and communities.

Some residents will also have received service charge estimates for the year recently. These are for services we provide, including the critical services that we are making every effort to continue to provide to you at this time. Of course, at the end of the financial year, as usual, we’ll look at exactly what we provided and issue you a credit, if necessary.  

We’re sorry if the rise comes at a bad time for you. If you’re worried about paying your rent or service charges during this period, please contact us as soon as you can.

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