I can’t work because of the coronavirus. What help can I get?

The government has changed benefit entitlement rules to help more people access support and access it sooner. So, if you can’t work because of coronavirus, you may be able to claim benefits – or more benefit if you already receive some help.

The changes include:

  • making it possible for more people to get statutory sick pay
  • removing the waiting period before people can claim Employment Support Allowance
  • enabling more people to be able to claim Working Tax Credit and Universal Credit (from April)

More Housing Benefit will also be available for some people who live in homes they rent privately. This could include people who live in our private rental homes or who pay us Intermediate Market Rent.

You can find more information on the government’s website and on the Citizens Advice website.

We can provide advice, support and guidance to you during this time. This can include supporting you to claim benefits you’re entitled to or putting payment plans in place for when you’re back in work.

We also work closely with Pound Advice, who offer help and support for our residents in financial difficulty. If you need their help with your finances, please contact them directly:

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