How will you keep our communal areas clean and tidy?

We’re working hard to maintain our estate and caretaking services. Our caretakers and contractors are continuing to visit schemes but they’re focusing on critical services, such as:

• cleaning door handles, lifts and handrails
• clearing up broken glass and fluids
• collecting and cleaning bins
• reporting bulk rubbish for removal

 This work is considered critical by the government, as it prevents a build-up of germs and, ultimately, helps keep you safe. You can also protect yourself and your neighbours by washing your hands before and after touching handrails, doors and entry and exit buttons.

We’ve now resumed estate inspections on a limited basis, so we can make sure we’re keeping you safe. We won’t put you at risk – we’ll stick to social distancing rules as we go about this work.

You can help us by standing at least two metres away if you need to speak to us or by phoning or emailing your Property Manager instead. You can call our customer service centre if you don’t know who your Property Manager is.

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