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How can I help to keep communal areas safe?

Communal areas are areas of a house, a block of flats or an estate that all residents have a right to use in common such as hallways and corridors, lobbies, lifts, (under) stairs and landings, balconies and walkways, meter cupboards, service risers and plant rooms.

All residents have a responsibility to keep communal areas safe by making sure combustible materials aren’t stored there. This is also a requirement of your tenancy agreement under our zero-tolerance policy.

Whilst doormats may be considered acceptable, items like furniture, appliances, buggies, bicycles, unwanted goods left in corridors or lobbies present a serious fire hazard and need to be removed. This includes external communal walkways and balconies that may be designated escape routes and must be kept free of obstructions.

The area outside your property must always be clean and clear.

Mobility scooters or other aids must not be stored or charged in communal areas. Please get in touch with your Property Manager if you need to discuss the storage of your mobility scooter or any other aid for walking or mobility.

Irrespective of your tenure, if you have a private balcony, you must not store flammable or explosive materials on them. This includes BBQ pits and any form of naked flame.

If you store large amounts of combustible materials within your home, you may put yourself at risk of serious injury should a fire break out.

Combustible materials provide fuel for the fire, resulting in rapid fire growth. This will produce toxic smoke that makes it difficult to breathe and cut off your means of escape and trap you inside your home.

You can read more about fire safety on our website or the London Fire Brigade website.

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