Can I sublet my property?

Shared Owners/Equity Shareholders

If you're a shared owner or you purchased your home with the assistance of an equity loan, your lease or legal charge prohibits subletting.

It's only in extremely exceptional circumstances that we'll consider a request to sublet – and due to the clause within your lease it's unlikely that any request will be approved.


We'll always consider requests from leaseholders who wish to sublet. It's likely that your lease allows it but we must always check first.

Please be aware that some older leases may not allow subletting.

Similarly, if you previously were a shared owner that has staircased to 100%, your lease may not allow subletting.

If this is the case and we own the freehold of your home, it's likely that we'll allow the lease to be changed through a Deed of Variation.

You are responsible for the costs involved in varying the lease which will include your own legal fees, our legal fees and an administration fee for us progressing a Deed of Variation.

You must contact our Subletting team by email at confirming that you're a leaseholder – and that you wish for your lease to be varied to allow you to sublet. You'll need to tell us your:

• full name
• address
• contact details
• reference number 
• solicitor's details

Please be aware that we have a panel of independent solicitors (PDF) who would be willing to act for you. They all provide preferred rates to our customers.

If we do not own the freehold of your home, we must always check with the freeholder. We'll be unable to amend a lease where the freeholder prohibits subletting.

If your lease allows subletting, you must contact our Subletting team by email at and provide the following details:

• the duration of the sublet
• confirmation that your Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement mirrors the terms and conditions of your lease 
• the new tenant's full name, contact phone number or email address

Please be aware that you'll be in breach of your lease if you sublet without providing us with this information and we can take legal action if necessary.

Once you've sent us the information listed above, we'll confirm that your lease allows subletting, update our records and ask you to call us to pay our administration fee.

We ask that you keep in regular contact with your tenant and if they breach the terms of the lease in any way, that you terminate their tenancy.

If we receive complaints or have concerns that lease conditions are not being kept, we will take legal action against you as the leaseholder.

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