You stopped work on my building? When will the work start again?

We took the difficult decision to pause work on our construction sites and on most of our buildings where we were carrying out planned maintenance or rectifying defects. This was to comply with government restrictions and help tackle the spread of the coronavirus.

Keeping our residents and colleagues safe throughout the coronavirus outbreak is our top priority. We found it almost impossible for some of our colleagues and contractors to travel safely and to achieve social distancing when carrying out some inspections or work to buildings.

Unfortunately, this meant that you will have experienced a delay to work on your building. We’re sorry we had to stall this work, but we’re sure you will understand these are extraordinary circumstances.

With government restrictions now easing, we are considering how best we can resume this work in line with the government’s lockdown exit strategy and advice from Public Health England. Although the government has lifted some restrictions, social distancing is still in place – and this is very hard to achieve while we’re working.

We hope to have our teams back on site as soon as we can, where it’s safe to do so.

We wrote to residents living in affected buildings and to people who are waiting to move into one of our new homes. We’ll be back in touch again when we have an update. 

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